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Joanna McMullen, Associate Broker - REALTOR®

Cell: 520-559-0911

Phone: 520-559-0911

Email: ladyjrealtor@gmail.com

Joanna McMullen

Associate Broker - REALTOR®

Lisa Krepinski, Sales Associate-REALTOR®

Phone: 520-858-1180

Email: homessierravista@gmail.com

Lisa Krepinski

Sales Associate-REALTOR®

Bonnie Walsh, Sales Associate - REALTOR®

Cell: 407-247-6637

Phone: 520-458-5222

Email: blwalshre@gmail.com

Bonnie Walsh

Sales Associate - REALTOR®

Carole Vaughn, Sales Associate - REALTOR®

Cell: 520-249-5222

Phone: 520-439-3055

Email: cvaughn422@gmail.com

Carole Vaughn

Sales Associate - REALTOR®

Jenae Aves, Property Management Account Specialist

Phone: 520-439-3060

Jenae Aves

Property Management Account Specialist

David Greenberg, Associate Broker - REALTOR®

Cell: 520-227-1193

Phone: 520-432-6960

Email: hangingddranch@gmail.com

David Greenberg

Associate Broker - REALTOR®

Debora Haines, Licensed Assistant to Nancy Rea/REALTOR

Cell: 309-253-1343

Phone: 520-458-5222

Email: debhaines.realtor@outlook.com

Debora Haines

Licensed Assistant to Nancy Rea/REALTOR

Angela Semrand, Sales Associate- REALTOR®

Cell: 480-220-1911

Email: asemradrealtor@gmail.com

Angela Semrand

Sales Associate- REALTOR®

Tara Paterson, Designated Broker/Owner - REALTOR®

Cell: 520-249-1874

Phone: 520-439-6802

Email: tara.paterson@yahoo.com

Tara Paterson

Designated Broker/Owner - REALTOR®

Justin Merrill, Property Management Property Manager - REALTOR®

Phone: 520-458-1911

Email: jdmerrill4@gmail.com

Justin Merrill

Property Management Property Manager - REALTOR®

Nancy Rea, Associate Broker - REALTOR®

Cell: (520) 227-3817

Phone: (520) 439-3030

Nancy Rea

Associate Broker - REALTOR®

Davene Culberson, Sales Associate - REALTOR®

Cell: 520-237-1136

Phone: 520-458-5222

Email: RealEstateNirvana@gmail.com

Davene Culberson

Sales Associate - REALTOR®

Karen Gill, Sales Associate - REALTOR®

Cell: 520-559-1009

Phone: 520-458-5222

Karen Gill

Sales Associate - REALTOR®

Linda Dawes, Sales Associate/PM Leasing Agent - REALTOR®

Cell: (520) 266-0481

Phone: (520) 439-3038

Email: lswdawes@gmail.com

Linda Dawes

Sales Associate/PM Leasing Agent - REALTOR®

Tamara Chase, Front Desk Reception

Phone: 520-458-5222

Email: staff@arizonahomestores.com

Tamara Chase

Front Desk Reception

Joanne Glaudini, Licensed Assistant to David Greenberg

Phone: 520-458-5222

Email: assist.azlandman@gmail.com

Joanne Glaudini

Licensed Assistant to David Greenberg

Jennifer Lavelle, Sales Associate/ REALTOR®

Cell: 719-660-6094

Email: jen@cochisehomesales.com

Jennifer Lavelle

Sales Associate/ REALTOR®

Dulce Rocha, Sales Associate-REALTOR®

Phone: 520-458-5222

Email: dulceshomes4u@gmail.com

Dulce Rocha

Sales Associate-REALTOR®